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Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Tuscan [In stock: Ships in 4-6 weeks]

The Tuscan Stone Oriflamme Fire Table is the newest fire table from Oriflamme and is a wonderful addition to an already impressive line of fire tables. Finished with beige, red and brown tones, this hand-troweled look will be the focus of your patio. Made from a Quartz-Concrete mixture, this table top is durable and beautiful. This table is easy to assemble, fun to use, and will guaranteed to keep you warm on chilly evening. 

Key Features 

  • NEW - Now featuring the upgraded dual 20lbs. EXCHANGEABLE propane tank system
  • No additional cost for the new system and it is still self-contained within the base of the table!
  • Dual propane tank system is only offered in the Savanna models 42" RD, 40" SQ, and 48" RD
  • 38" RD model includes (1) Horiztonal propane tank - DUAL TANK SYSTEM is not avalable in this size
  • Coffee table height - 20" (Maximizes warmth and functionality from the table)
  • Dual propane tank burn times between 30-40 hours
  • Horizontal propane tank burn times between 18-25 hours
  • Up to 75,000 BTUs (Propane) Up to 90,000 BTUs (Natural Gas) 
  • Stainless steel burner (No rust or corrosion) 
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit available
  • Easy set-up, No tools required
  • Portable (Easy to Move)
  • Frame mounted bottle opener
  • Adjustable frame levelers for uneven surfaces
  • Full Manufacturers warranty 


  • Dual self contained EXCHANGEABLE propane tank system for sizes 42" RD, 40" SQ, 48" RD
  • Propane tanks are NOT included with the DUAL propane tank system
  • Because of its size, the 38" round table tops DO NOT have the dual tank system
  • (1) Horizontal tank is included with the 38" round tables
  • Protective lid (With matching powder coating) 
  • Elegance burner 
  • Fire glass (Mixture of copper, black reflective, and gold reflective) 
  • Copper vein powder coating (Also available in black - Contact sales representative for details)


  • Table top sizes available - 38" RD, 42" RD, 40" SQ, 48" RD 
  • Height - 20"
  • Burner diameter - 22"
  • Total Weight - 125lbs

Available Accessories (Not Included)

  • Vinyl cover - $99
  • Ice bucket insert - $99
  • Extra propane tank - $55
  • *Natural gas conversion kit - $50

*We recommend consulting you local gas professional prior to converting your Oriflamme Fire Table to natural gas.
*Please note natural gas conversion kit may be more audible than propane setup. 

Additional Information

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Oriflamme Fire Pit Table Tuscan 38" Round

  • Oriflamme Fire Pit Table Tuscan 38" Round
  • Tuscan Gas Fire Pit Table - 38" Round
  • Copper Vein Powder-Coated Base
  • Control Knob on Oriflamme Fire Table
  • Built-in bottle opener on Oriflamme Fire Table
  • 20 lb. Propane Tank Included
  • Propane Tank Gauge
  • Upgraded Two Propane Tank System - for 42" and 48"
  • Protective Lid Included
  • Copper, black, gold reflective fire glass

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