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Oriflamme tables are handcrafted and made in the USA. These one of a kind tables are lightweight, portable and completely original.

Upon receiving your table you will immediately notice the ease at which these tables assemble. Complete assembly will take approximately ten minutes time with absolutely no tools necessary.


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The ability to customize your table truly gives you the opportunity to express your own personality.

Options to customize your table include:

  1. 5 Unique tile sets.
  2. 4 Distinctive burner designs.
  3. 2 Table top configurations.
  4. 2 Exclusive tribal designed frames.

Combined you are given the option of 80 different table configurations.

As compared to wood burning tables on the market today… Know that your Oriflamme table is cleaner, cheaper and safer than wood. You can operate your table in smaller spaces without worrying about smoke, ashes or burning embers.





Fire pits have become an addition to many homeowners across the country. Adding a fire pit to your home extends the life of your backyard area and home. Instead of having to go inside when it gets cold, you can enjoy time outside with friends and family by the warm ambiance of your fire pit. It can change the the appearance and feel of any outdoor area that you might be trying to spice up.

When you are considering a fire pit or fire pit table to become the newest addition to your home it is important to plan ahead for it. Know what style, color, and type of fire pit you want. The greatest thing about having a fire pit table added to your home is the amazing combinations of fire glass and burners. The fire glass comes in many colors that can help bring out a burner design you have picked out. These fire pits run on gas or propane and are much safer for your home than a regular fire place.

Another things to consider when you are looking into purchasing a fire pit, is if you want it to be mobile or stationary. Fire pits do not need to be permanent fixtures to your patio. If you want to be able to move it around, or take it places there are options. Since these fire pits have the availability to be mobile and easy to maintain, set up, and break down it is a good idea to consider these your best option.

The outdoor areas of your home tend to be a great area for a fire pit table. They also tend to be a great entertainment area for having guests over. They can extend the life of your parties and bring people together by curiosity of this new outdoor trend. They are safer than other fire pits due to the usage of fire glass compared to traditional wood. This makes it a great safe addition to place anywhere.






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