1/2" Clear Fire Glass
1/2" Clear Fire Glass

Fireplace Glass - Clear 1/2 Inch - 10 lb. Bag

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1/2 Inch Clear Fire Glass
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Fire and Glass. The combination brings beauty, warmth, and a special ambiance to your fireplace or fire pit table. Available in multiple colors and sizes, fire glass gives you limitless opportunities to match your furnishings and decor indoors or out.The chunky half inch clear fire glass creates a unique flame style in your fireplace or fire pit table. Fire glass also offers an energy efficient, affordable eco green solution to burning logs and is more attractive and decorative than lava rocks or lava logs.

  • 1/2" Size
  • Clear
  • Style - Crushed glass
  • Lifetime warranty from discoloration and disinegration
  • Glass Calculator available to determine weight amount
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Fireplace Glass - Clear 1/2 Inch - 10 lb. Bag Key Features

10lb Bag

Colored Fire Glass - 1/2" Clear

Amplifies the natural flow of fire, creating a mesmerizing fire display 

Create a unique design with different colors

Replace those ugly gas logs to instantly transform your living space 

Indoor or outdoor fire applications 

100% recycled from post-consumer glass bottles and windows. 

Will not melt, degrade, emit toxic fumes create soot, ash or smoke

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More Information
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