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The Oriflamme Gas Fire Table Difference

Designing Fire is the manufacturer behind the Oriflamme collection of gas fire pit tables and the creator of the "Gas Fire Table" concept. For more than a decade they have been leading the industry in gas fire table design.

Given their beautiful tables with high BTU's it is no wonder that Oriflamme gas fire pit tables have been featured everywhere from the Price is Right TV show to high end resorts in the U.S. and Caribbean.

Here's just a few differences that make their gas fire tables unique to the market:

  • Burner Design: The Oriflamme Fire Burner is an exclusive design found only on the Oriflamme gas fire pit table. The burner is designed so that it evenly disperses heat throughout vs in a small circle pattern. This burner is also interchangeable with an ice bucket insert or burners that have designs in the shape of a martini, flower, sun, or yin yang pattern. It is truly unique!
  • High BTU's: It's proprietary design helps to put out high BTU's – on average a minimum of 75,000 BTU's for the majority of their tables and This allows you to actually feel the heat, where most fire tables are more for ambience.
  • Self-Contained Tanks: The Oriflamme gas fire pit tables use a standard 20# propane tank which neatly store inside of the table. On models that are 40" or larger they offer 2 tank storage capacity allowing for double the burn time. They are the only manufacturer on the market that offers a table that has the dual tanks.
  • Height: The Oriflamme fire pit tables measure at 21 ¾" which is standard coffee table height. This makes it conducive to chatting with your family and friends. They also have usable surface space so that you can enjoy some appetizers and drinks while hosting your friends.
  • Clean Burning: No embers, no soot and no worries if you have children or family members with upper respiratory infections as the Oriflamme fire tables are clean burning.
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Base & Lid: These gas fire tables come with a heavy duty powder coasted aluminum base and matching fire glass burner lid. Not only do they help beautify your fire table they are designed to withstand the elements.
  • Easy to Set Up & Maintain: The Oriflamme gas fire pit table assembly for the propane options requires no specialty help or tools to set it up. Two people are needed to move the heavy top but the table can be easily put together in a matter of minutes. Because the table is made to be outdoors, the manufacturers recommend that you seal it at the beginning and end of the season to protect its look and integrity.
  • Interchangeable Parts: For most of the Oriflamme tables they have universal replacement parts that have worked for all the different styles of tables they have manufactured through the years. The parts are readily available through the All Backyard Fun website and usually ship within 1 day.

Additionally, the Oriflamme fire tables also offer unique and fun accessories including a drop in ice bucket feature for use during warmer months; a built in hidden bottle opener; and wind and fire guards. They also offer the ability to swap out the burners for different patterns including the martini burner pattern, sun burner pattern, flower burner pattern, yin yang burner and more. Purchase concrete, granite, and copper fire tables for your backyard online today!