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Natural Gas Converter for Oriflamme Fire TableNatural Gas Converter for Oriflamme Fire Table
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Oriflamme Fire Table - Natural Gas Conversion Kit [DFNATGAS]

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This propane to natural gas conversion kit allows you to convert your Oriflamme fire pit table between fuel sources. Your fire table rating will increase up to 90,000 BTUs (dependent on model) when converted to natural gas!

Natural Gas End Cap

*Please note natural gas conversion kit may be more audible than propane setup.

Oriflamme tables have been on the market for more than a decade and by far provide the most exceptional quality of any fire table on the market. You will discover that Oriflamme fire tables are built to last, and are quality products that are built to endure any special occasion or event. View the entire collection of Oriflamme fire tables on All Backyard Fun.

The fire pit gas conversion kit includes: 1/2" male threaded inlet Control Valve 10-12" rubber hose All Backyard Fun recommends a gas certified plumber for the installation process.