Park Lane Coffee Table

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Park Lane Coffee Table

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This sleek, uniquely shaped, slanted high back masterpiece, gives a striking contemporary flair with an upscale appeal. Featured with rustproof extruded aluminum frame and brushed scratch resistance finish in sophisticated Taupe finish, and coupled with deep plush cushions and extra back frame support. Park Lane offers extraordinary comfort which set the ultimate relaxing tone for friends and families.

  • Overall Height: 16"
  • Depth: 23.25"
  • Width: 47"
  • Weight: 24 LBS
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Park Lane Coffee Table

  • Sleek, uniquely shaped, and slanted back.
  • Featured with rustproof extruded aluminum power coating & brushed scratch resistance finish.
  • Park Lane offers in deep seat sectional, living, dining, barset & lounger for selection.
  • Modular design provides flexibility and elegance.
  • Interlocking system for attaching pieces with one another.
  • Aviod contact with seawater/saltwater for a long preiod of time.

Product Care

Aluminum is strong, non-rusting, low maintenance and very resistant to the weather. Apply a coat of non-hazing automotive paste wax at the start of each season as well as before putting your furniture away at the end of the season. Use only mild soap and water solution, rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not clean the furniture with abrasive pads, brushes or cleaners. Store indoors or leave outdoors and protect with furniture covers during non-use seasons.

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