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  1. Park Lane Adjustable Lounger
    Park Lane Adjustable Lounger
    $1,437.50 Special Price $1,149.00 20%OFF
  2. Park Lane 2 Seater Right Arm by Ratana
    Park Lane 2 Seater Right Arm
    $1,812.50 Special Price $1,399.00 23%OFF
  3. Park Lane 2 Seater Left Arm
    Park Lane 2 Seater Left Arm
    $1,812.50 Special Price $1,399.00 23%OFF
  4. Park Lane Curved Corner by Ratana
    Park Lane Curved Corner
    $1,775.00 Special Price $1,399.00 21%OFF
  5. Park Lane Love Seat by Ratana
    Park Lane Loveseat
    $1,812.50 Special Price $1,399.00 23%OFF
  6. Park Lane 3 Seat Sofa by Ratana
    Park Lane 3 Seat Sofa
    $2,475.00 Special Price $1,899.00 23%OFF
  7. Park Lane Club Chair by Ratana - Cast Slate
    Park Lane Club Chair
    $1,200.00 Special Price $799.00 33%OFF
  8. River North Sectional - 3 piece [chair w/o arm not included]
    Park Lane Outdoor Sectional
    $5,499.00 Special Price $4,099.00 25%OFF
  9. Park Lane Coffee Table by Ratana
    Park Lane Coffee Table
    $600.00 Special Price $489.00 18%OFF
  10. Park Lane End Table by Ratana
    Park Lane End Table
    $425.00 Special Price $329.00 23%OFF

Park Lane Collection

This sleek, uniquely shaped, slanted high back masterpiece, gives a striking contemporary flair with an upscale appeal. Featured with rustproof extruded aluminum frame and brushed scratch resistance finish in sophisticated Taupe finish, and coupled with deep plush cushions and extra back frame support. Park Lane offers extraordinary comfort which set the ultimate relaxing tone for friends and families.