Copper Reflective Urban Fire Glass for your fire pit or Fireplace

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Fire Pit Fireplace Fire Glass Copper ReflectiveFire Pit Fireplace Fire Glass Copper Reflective
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Fireplace Glass - Copper Reflective 1/4 Inch - 10 lb. Bag [AFF-COPRF]

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1/4" Copper Reflective fire glass is available and considered to be a Premium Collection. It is our #1 top selling color of fire glass for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Copper Reflective is a neutral color and can match any room's decor or outdoor setting. This color looks great in dark room or bright outdoor lighting and is a beautiful finishing touch to any homes decor. 

Key Features:

  • 10lb Bag
  • Reflective Fire Glass - 1/4" Reflective Copper
  • Amplifies the natural flow of fire, creating a mesmerizing fire display 
  • Create a unique design with different colors
  • Replace those ugly gas logs to instantly transform your living space 
  • Indoor or outdoor fire applications 
  • 100% recycled from post-consumer glass bottles and windows. 
  • Will not melt, degrade, emit toxic fumes create soot, ash or smoke


  • 1/4" Size
  • Copper Reflective
  • Style - Crushed glass
  • Lifetime warranty from discoloration and disintegration
  • Glass Calculator available to determine weight amount